Hair Ombre (Tiled)
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Do I? Dont I? For those that don't know "Ombre hair" is the new in thing according to all the fashion magazines. Its basically just a graduation of color, from light to dark, or dark to light aka. basically looking like your hair has grown out and you have massive roots. Ok, So I haven't done anything to my hair in over a year, Its just grown and grown and now is actually starting to get a bit too dull and long for my liking. It only gets the occasional hack at the fringe with a pair of kitchen scissors when I'm fed up with it! Its kinda warm-ish mid-tone brown right now, which I actually adore, But its just so boring and bland.

At the bottom of my hair it is quite light compared to the rest, which you can see in some of my pictures. But I'm really contemplating a Ombre dye done so its a bit more obvious. I think it would be a perfect way too add some colour without it being too boring! Plus I can imagine it looking amazinggg in summer! I'm only thinking of going a few shades lighter at the bottom, But I'm besotted with the idea of getting it done. Probably going to get it does professionally and was quoted £37, Which ain't to shabby (although I have no idea how much hair cuts cost?). Today in Superdrug I nearly took the plunge and bought some hair dye because I really want my hair like this.

So.. What do you guys think? Y/N? Answers on a postcard. Or just in the comments!!