Ombre Hair?

Hair Ombre (Tiled)
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Do I? Dont I? For those that don't know "Ombre hair" is the new in thing according to all the fashion magazines. Its basically just a graduation of color, from light to dark, or dark to light aka. basically looking like your hair has grown out and you have massive roots. Ok, So I haven't done anything to my hair in over a year, Its just grown and grown and now is actually starting to get a bit too dull and long for my liking. It only gets the occasional hack at the fringe with a pair of kitchen scissors when I'm fed up with it! Its kinda warm-ish mid-tone brown right now, which I actually adore, But its just so boring and bland.

At the bottom of my hair it is quite light compared to the rest, which you can see in some of my pictures. But I'm really contemplating a Ombre dye done so its a bit more obvious. I think it would be a perfect way too add some colour without it being too boring! Plus I can imagine it looking amazinggg in summer! I'm only thinking of going a few shades lighter at the bottom, But I'm besotted with the idea of getting it done. Probably going to get it does professionally and was quoted £37, Which ain't to shabby (although I have no idea how much hair cuts cost?). Today in Superdrug I nearly took the plunge and bought some hair dye because I really want my hair like this.

So.. What do you guys think? Y/N? Answers on a postcard. Or just in the comments!!


  1. I think it would look absolutely fab! Especially in the summer too... definitely go for it!! :D

  2. ohhhh Lily, your hair is so pretty as i is!

  3. Your hairs lovely, I'm not the biggest fan of the ombre hairr

  4. Oh definitely, I think it would really suit you!

    And I've thought the same about New Look, I've not always been a big fan but there seems to be some pretty nice stuff coming in atm!

  5. Yes, it's fabulous! Definitely get it done professionally though - I have no idea how you could achieve this effect at home without your hair having a big line in it where the lighter dye starts!

  6. a huge yay from me for this look. I love it, i noticed Fearne Cotton on last nights celebrity juice sporting this very look and she awlays has fab hair. I think it would really suit you, compliment the way you dress. xx

  7. I feel the same way about my hair! I've been trying to grow it out and I get bored with it so easy so I got bangs. Made a big difference!

  8. I've always loved Tieka's hair <3 hmm although I adore your current hairstyle I think you'd totally rock the ombre look too! :D

  9. I'd say yes :)
    think you'd really suit it :)

  10. Your hair is lovely as it is now... and you have a "ombre hair"-ish look because, as you said, the bottom of your hair is light compared to the rest, but you could totaly do a ombre hair look. Maybe you should try a wavy died look... you see?
    Marine / another fucking fashionista

  11. Cool, I didn't know there's a name for this, I thought it would just be grown out colour haha :D
    BUT I believe it would really suit you! Why don't give it a try? you can dye it completely different if you don't like the ombre hair.

    Happy Saturday!

  12. yay do it! :)
    plus £37 is a bargain aha.

  13. I would definitely go for it! And £37 is a great price :D

  14. Oohh I've wanted this for AGES, but have been too scared to get it done in case the hairdresser does it wrong.
    Looks amazing though when done right!

    Blackberry Sherbet

  15. I think it'd look great on you and £37 is a realy good price for a cut and colour! :)

  16. Hi!
    I'm one of your truly addicted fans on bloglovin' (even if I do not post so many comments, I now :P) and I just wanted to let you know that I wrote about you on my blog.
    Nothing special, I just said that you was one of the first people to talk about this ombré hair trend, but I think it is fair to let you know it, anyway :D (you will find it here--->
    xo xo

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