spots and stripes

blazer: topshop
top: h&m
dress: topshop
tights: primark
headband: babooshka boutique
glasses: primark
hype on lookbook/chictopia

I'm a total sucker for mixed patterns. Stripes and spots can look chic together right? This top from H&M was a XS, and its HUGE. Im probably a S-M normally, but seriously, I couldn’t believe what a tent it looked like on! H&M sizing can be totally weird sometimes! Today I went for a tea in a local fancy old fashioned tea room with my friend Jodie. We both felt totally overdressed for the occasion, But whatever. We had tea for two, a piece of lemon sponge cake and some toast. We had a great time because we are the type of friends that even though we don’t speak or see each other as often as we’d like, we never run out of things to talk about when we do. I like that about our relationship.

PS. Ill post my usual Sunday stuff in a bit, It explains a bit more about my absense this week and other stuff that's been occurring!


  1. love the outfit <3
    i know what you mean about the odd h&m sizes! xoxo

  2. this is such a cute outfit!!

    xo tiffany

  3. I really love the headband! Ive been searching for one for a long time now!

  4. they do have strange sizing! I´m usually size 36, but in HM sometimes 34 is too big for me...I think they do it on purpose - women feel better buying smaller clothes and are more likely to come back. I also suspect them of having those slimming mirrors - I always look much thinner in HM:DD


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