This is LLYMLRS (week 20)

001. Apologies for lack of updates, Every time I wanted to post something this week, Ive gone a blank and had to delete what I was writing. My friend died on Thursday, So my head and my heart have been all over the place. Death is hard to come to terms with, at the moment it feels so surreal, and like hes not really gone. As selfish as it sounds i feel so left out of the mourning process, especially with other friends, Not one of our mutual close friends have spoke to me since its happened, Its weird. Seeing Jodie today was nice because I could actually talk to her about the whole thing on the same level.

002. Since I decided the other day to leave my hair and grow it out a bit more, I've become obsessed with vintage hair styles. Ive always wanted to have victory rolls or finger waves, and this week I've been experimenting with different ways of doing them. Ive found some awesome tutorials via Youtube. And I'll post some pictures of my experimentation soon! If anyone has any recommendations of hair tutorials (not necessarily pin-up/vintage style ones, I'm open to all!) let me know! Post 'em in the comments or something!

003. Tried out Revlon Photoready foundation this week, Not that I'm a beauty blogger, But I thought Id mention it! I bought 003 Shell, Which is a very good match for me. For reference Im NW15 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid, 20 Clair in Chanel Mat Lumiere, 180 Sand Beige in Revlon Colourstay, and Mont Blanc in Nars Sheer Glow. I thought it was OK. The sparkles are weirdly noticeable when your outside, and I totally get the Edward Cullen shimmer! The coverage is very sheer in my opinion, defiantly worth a try. It wont be replacing my BUT. If your in the UK and want to try it, Its currently on offer in boots for £9.99, and if you spend over £5 in boots you can get £2 off. So it comes in as £7.99 for the bottle, which is more or less half its RRP.

004. Went out on Friday night with my university friends for Lee's birthday and it was a proper laugh. I was drinking this weird cocktail in Weatherspoons called "Monster Mash" which was Jim beam, Cherry Sourz and a can of Monster Juiced. It was quite nice actually, Led to copious ammounts of terrible dancing and lots of laughs!

005. Even though it says in my sidebar I don't blog about wrestling, I don't care, Its Wrestlemania tonight, and like I've done for the past couple of years I'm staying up with my brother and some friends to watch it. Everyone thinks I'm weird for liking wrestling (OMGZ ITZ SO FAKEE!!1111!), But I totally love it! I dont even know why?

006. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they'd like to see on this blog more. I dunno, Like tags, features, ideas? Its kinda a mish mash at the moment of my life and outfits. Which isn't what I wanted, As much as I enjoy doing my own personal artwork, I'm bogged down with tons of live briefs at university as well as running projects. I need some quick, but fun things to work on during the week to keep my creativity and mind going!