Calender Zine 2010

The winners of my zine are as follows:
Kimberly, Caz, Kerri-anne, Amy, Liam, Chantal, James & Samantha.

Took me ages to get all the numbers because it kept outputting the same ones again. Random, lies! Ill try and email everyone asap, but if you see this before I actually email you, Just email me and demand the goods! (:

Ive decided I'm going to put this up on Etsy in the next few days, so that if anyone would like a copy and missed winning it, They can get it on there. I'm also going to do a monthly, printable copy of each month starting at the beginning of march, for those who don't wanna buy it (: See I'm nice!

PS. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post about Tumblr. Ive decided I'm gonna give it a go blogging alongside this and see what comes of it. Maybe ill get more credit, maybe I wont. We shall have to see (: I was considering doing one of images that inspire me, so I have a online resource to pull up whenever I need a creative boost?