Zine Issues

Im having extremem zine issues at the moment. I swear Ive printed it like a billion times and it just wont work. This printing mumbo jumbo is killing me. Now I've got my paper, worked out where in theory they should go and its not working. Maybe its just coz Im stupid and impatient (to be fair I have only been doing this for a hour). Now my printers decided its ran out of ink so I dont know if im going to be getting one tomorrow. Ill be so relieved once ive worked it out and can take it to the photocopier and do it in like 5 seconds.

Oh well, basically my zines a calender, Its all hand drawn, scanned then edited a little in illustrator. This is actually the first zine Ive ever made, Ive made books before for various projects but never a actual low fi zine. I dont get why I cannot work it out. Anyhoo ive decided i gonna upload the pages to my Flickr as the months pass rather than do them all at the same time. Ill probably put a few copies on Esty (if I ever finish it!) Ive had a fun time actually doing this to be fair. I just wanna get it finished! KTHNX!