Today... I finally took the plunge. Caved in and bought myself a Macbook, With any luck tomorrow I will be a convert to Mac. Ive always been a PC girl, I dont know why Ive always stuck to them, even when I started college and we were encouraged to use a iMac rather than a PC. I feel now its right to get one, They are the superior computer race right? I wanted a black one because everything I own is black, I dont even know if they make them anymore though. I swear they used to ): boohoo. Its arriving tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement!

I now feel a good £818 less richer (I mean poorer but who cares)


  1. They did use to make Black macbooks, that is what I'm typing on right now :) they stopped making them though :(

    I bought it the minute it came out! I'm sure you will love your macbook, I use mine everyday.


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