Working very hard doing university work. Or something like that anyway! Worked at home today but these pictures were from yesterday, and not posed for at all. Haha. My friend Greg did the Starbucks cup!

Big love to Laura @ Emerald Green 88, She alerted me to the fact there was a ASOS 20% Discount code floating around. Saved myself £20! Jackpot! If your intrested in what I bought I got, This dress, This dress, This bag for my boyfriend, This super cute headband and this peacock feather clip! Oh and the code is ASOSINSTYLE! Dont know how long it works for so be quick!


  1. The code is ASOSINSTYLE, you must be really stressed at uni! Hope your shopping cheers you up!

  2. the cup is awesome! love it :) might have to save that picture.

  3. Haha, love that cup! Ta for the Asos code too :)

  4. That cup made me smirk! Awesome stuff.


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