omg first page!

My Moleskine '10 (23-24)

Does anyone else have trouble with writing on the first page? I always find it a really daunting thing to actually write or draw something on it. I always feel like if I mess it up the rest of the book with be messed up too. Ive been known to rip the first page out and redo it because the first page wasn't good enough. When I was at school I used to avoid the first page, Hahah I sound like such a weirdo?

Anyway tomorrow I'm doing a presentation for my discourse. I'm doing it on self promotion and blogging, Exploring some social networking platforms, like Flickr, Society 6 and Behance Network, Talking about successful bloggers (see Fifi Lapin, Nubby Twiglet + Rumi) and talking about how there has been a shift from agency graphic design to Freelance via the internet. Oh And if anyone has any ideas for sucessful bloggers that I could talk about in my presentation please comment with your suggestions, It would really help me out! I'm talking about ones that have achieved sucess because of their blogs,

I uploaded a few pages from my Moleskines on Flickr if anyone is interested!


  1. I don't have a problem drawing in the mini moleskines I use because I devour them so quickly..! My big moleskine notebook, however, is where I do all my 'finished' pieces so the first page of that baby is always daunting D:

  2. I know what you mean haha. Nice blog!

  3. Happens to me all the time, I'm into perfection.

  4. totally agree with the whole first page business! i was the same at school when i got new exercise books or if i ever buy notebooks these days or whatever. my writing is the scruffiest ever though so either way it always looks a total shambles!
    i like your originality of the page though :) x

  5. YES! I hate that. I tend to draw a little drawing and write my address in it in case I lose it... nothing serious on the first page, please. Too. Daunting.

  6. First page anxieties are awful
    I get them too

  7. I completely relate with not being able to write on the first page of notebooks and sketchbooks. I used to do the exact same thing and rip out the page if it wasn't nice enough. Now I just skip the first page haha

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