oscar wilde

Oscar Wilde.

Trying something a little different for a while, Ive decided to do a series of these"inspiration" photo things that seem to be all the rage at the moment. In a way i feel like Im jumping on the bandwagon, following a trend, but I do enjoy looking at them. Tumblr can be so inspiring sometimes, I find myself randomly trawling it for hours looking at images. In the spirit of NotebookDoodles, Ive decided to opt for my own hand writing as the main text in the images.

I was going to choose all my favorite quotes, But if anyone has any specific quotes, lyrics or ideas of things I could draw, please let me know in the comments, or feel free to email me at the address in the sidebar. Ill always reply to emails so dont be scared!

PS. To anyone who things ill stop doing my Moleskine stuff, your wrong, as i stated on sunday, My scanners broken so all my images come up with lines in. I can just about get away with it doing the photographs as I photoshop the text. Otherwise it just looks horrible. Ill get it sorted asap.


  1. aaw :) yours is nice! i like them. it shows your own style.

  2. I love these photo-text thingys! How do you actually make them? Like, how do you put your own handwriting over them?

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