wild rumpus


Ive been so busy today, working 8-4 and then now Ive got tons of university work to catch up on. Every term I vow to do work as it gets set but no, Now I have 3 weeks to do 3 months worth of work. Oh well I seem to work better under pressure.

In other news: Had a £25 parking fine, Bought some nytol for my insomnia and argued with the chemist, Turkey for two weeks in June, e.l.f makeup, spent the day in wet Ugg boots, laughed at some kids throwing snowballs at my work, going to a graphic place tomorrow, workworkwork, painted my nails with barry m blue nail polish, piled on moisturizer, listened too much radio one and was told that I was "being a grown up".


  1. These pieces are very nice, are the images yours? If so, great job.

  2. Yeap, all the pictures are my own, i went to new zealand a few months ago and literally went through two 4gb memory cards and loadsa film (:

  3. great photo,i love where the wild things are, book of course, but the movie also! so wonderful.
    good luck with busyness i know how that is. luckily i have this term off! much needed brake :)


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