Back To Uni

... Sort of. Well I went in for half the day as I really didn't want to drive, Its still super snowy here and I'm slightly worried about driving in the snow. I ended up asking my mum to come with me, I wasn't to scared once i got on the roads, seeing as they'd actually been gritted.

Discussed my Cultural Studies essay with my tutor. Its basically a mini dissertation, with a 3000 word limit. Ive been working on it for two days now, and I'm currently at a 2195 words, only 805 more to go! I chose the topic of "Popular Typography" exploring what makes a font iconic or popular. So far Ive written about Helvetica ("When in doubt use Helvetica"), Arial ("Rip off), Gill Sans (Typically British), Times New Roman (Defunct) and Comic Sans (The Font Everyone Loves to Hate!). Ill probably write about few more, but Im struggling to think of other fonts that made a cultural influence. Georgia, Calbri and maybe Bodini will be the next targets. Im such a typography nerd!

I went to Topshop and had a argument with the woman who worked there as she refused to give me a refund onto a giftcard even though I had a receipt. She claimed because the receipt had "expired", even though on the receipt it stated it was a gift, therefore had a extended refund policy. THEN she told me I could have a exchange but only for the amount the dress had gone down to in the sale. I don't see why I should have the sale price given to me in an exchange when I have the original receipt with the price on it. So I went off in a huff and called customer services who said she was wrong, and gave me a reference number blahblahblah and it all got sorted out. Was such a palarva (Ive never seen that word written down before, doesnt it look weird?) but it got sorted in the end. Good job I called, as I would have lost out on £20.

PS. Ive also finished my calender zine today, I'm printing it tomorrow, so ill be giving away 10 copies during the week.