Moustache Mugs
My latest obsession has become Moustaches, curly ones, straight ones, flicky ones, bushy ones, beards, soul patches even the classic hitler 'tash has caught my eye. Im not one for male facial hair either, I just seem to cant get enough of them these past few weeks. Theres something about a nice male 'tash that makes me happy. Plus they are pretty cool right? For christmas my Mum and Dad both recieved these hand painted mugs, My Dads was the one in the pictures and my mothers was more of a Hulk Hogan/Cowboy moustache. I found these plain mugs for £1.50 each on John Lewis and found the ceramic paint (Ceramica Black) in a shop called Warehouse Stationary in New Zealand but I'm sure you can get them in craft stores anywhere in the UK/US/Wherever your from.

Im working on my zine, which ill post the preview of tomorrow. Its something im quite proud of to be honest! Its all hand drawn and im gonna get printing it and maybe putting it up on Etsy? Although I was thinking of just making it printable by anyone who wants it, and then a proper version for those who want the real LLYMLRS experiance!