new year resolutions



A not so flattering picture of my on NYE, but whatever. I was absolutly freezing even though I was wearing a vest, a dress, a jumper dress, a hoody and a coat. I dont really do new years eve, but I did go out breifly last night because my BF wanted me to. He said my headband was too "radical" for Hereford but whatever.

Aims... I dont do resolutions. I never keep to them, im always setting goals for myself, but i think these are the ones that are going to be my main aims. The usual things like lose weight be healthy blahblahblah apply but I know myself too well!

- Draw more, Do more, Be Creative! Ive got a zine in the works, which I need to get finished, but I just want to do more. I want to do a internship at some point this year too, Ive just started putting myself out there, I want to at least do a few peices of commisioned work get my work put up somewhere and make a name for myself!
- Go on an Adventure, I going to Amsterdam in March which is sososo exciting but Id really love to go to New York this year. Id love to go when The Strokes bring out there new album. That would really make my life.
-Be positive, smile more and be happier. No one likes a grumpy guts.

EDIT: On re-reading this post i sound ridiculously negative! hahah oh dear ive already failed on one of them! whoops!


  1. Your resolutions remind me so much of my own ones...Although I don´t call them resolutions, more like "things that would be very nice to do":DD

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