You know when you feel like your works going nowhere? Thats how I feel right now, I do stuff, its alright, then its over, nothing comes of it and theres no outcome. I wanna do something productive and inspiring but i fear the fact im off to new zealand in less than ten days is gonna make it worse. Then once im back i have to get on with all the university work ive missed. Sigh.

Ive been obsessed with the idea of doing a series of prints based on the theme of space. I dont even know why i just love the idea of doing something, i love circles, shapes and colours.

Next year I wanna make a zine, make a font, do some screenprinting, buy a gocco printing set, submit more to competitions, get more exposure, figure out my art direction, blog direction, sort out my personal style, do some colour theory work, sell my work on etsy, have a exhibition, be featured somewhere, update my flickr more, do a daily "something", get paid for doing work, sort out freelancing, do a internship, record my life, be happy and stay positive.