For lack of posting, Ive been mega busy getting ready for my trip to New Zealand. Struggling to get my university work done (three projects behind all ready) work my minimum 16 hours a week at the bakery, and then see my friends and boyfriend. To make things worse I have a wickedwicked cough that makes me sound like I smoke 1000 ciggerettes a day. Tesco childrens dry cough medicine is probably the most deadly thing ive experianced in my life. Although I didnt realize that downing a bottle would be a very silly idea.

Im armed with a new moleskine, three new 0.8 uni pin fineliners and a massive 33 hour (and three stops) trip to keep me busy. I dont think ill be having any acess to the internet while im away so im totally gonna be forgotton by the time I get back. But ill be uploading loadsa pictures from my trip as well as drawings. I might even make a zine based on the trip? Not sure yet? Maori words and phrases really intrest me, as do the spelling. Exciting!

Hopefully ill upload my drawings from the last week tomorrow, aswell as upload last week and this weeks sunday portraits (gosh i am so behind!)