Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood £105 for 100ml*

Orris and Sandalwood is the latest addition to the Jo Malone line up. When I opened this parcel up a few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by a note I'd never heard of before. Not one to turn my nose up at a new Jo Malone fragrance I swiftly spritzed myself before I even read the press material.

It's a unique scent with notes of violet mixed with a heart note of Orris (apparently its part of the root of an Iris) and my personal favourite scent Sandalwood. It's a floral, heady but has power and depth without being old fashioned or talcum-powdery. The creamy Sandalwood notes set off the whole fragrance for me and gives it a woody base. I see a lot of people saying it smells like Parma Violets (It doesn't) but it is a very unique scent and you can definitely smell the violet notes coming through every now and again.

Colonge Intense's from Jo Malone really pack a punch in the staying power, they last really well and I always get extra whiff's throughout the day. Which is always pleasing to the nostrils.

While not cheap at all, retailing for £105 for 100ml it is a pricey option but it is absolutely stunning, unique and interesting. It's definitely worth a sniff if you're into your fragrance and looking for something different to add to your collection. Thumbs up from me.