I have a thing about leopard print, I dont know why or where it came from but it's one of my favourite prints. Part of me thinks it goes back to the Emo Days where I had this pair of leopard print Vans style shoes (I infact have proper Vans Leopard print skate shoes in my mid twenties) which I wore till the soles fell out. I also have a pair of leopard print flats which I wrote about years ago that I still wear on a regular basis. An eagle eyed viewer of my vlogs noticed that I still had them when I moved house recently!

Anyway, I bought this scarf recently as I saw a girl on the street wearing one and made a mental note to pick one up as I thought it would be perfect to add to my A/W style. Y'all know I love a good scarf so it's slipped nicely into my wardrobw. A little bit rock n rock and a little bit soft. Love it.

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