Dress - Topshop, Jacket - similar Asos , Bag - similar Topshop, Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Necklace - Topshop

Okay, so a quickie old outfit post before we start a fresh with some new ones as of this week! This was from a shoot I did while working with a brand a while back that I found on a memory cards while trying to free some space up on my vlogging camera. I actually thought that Id lost all these files when my laptop broke and had to be wiped, but I did a mini fist pump when they showed up!

As of today Im going to try and post on this blog at least 5 times a week. I dont really like setting targets or schedules out for myself as from experiance it can lead to failture but I spent some of last week working on a bunch of new content and ideas for this site so hopefully things will run pretty consitently for a while. Like i said I always worry about posting TOO much stuff, like at the moment Im vlogging everyday and then posting three videos a week. Which personally I think is way too much stuff and constantly fear about things getting lost on the shuffle, but hey ho. It keeps me busy and I do enjoy doing it so it doesnt bother me too much! As long as you guys are into it them Im pretty happy to keep going! Anyway, yeah Hi again!