Think like a blogger prompt - Write about something you ate

Now this is a weird one, so bare with me. But I was thinking what I could do a post about today and thought I'd do one about a tweet I did at the weekend about my dislike for Avocados. It got a pretty decent response so I thought it would make a good post.

 I’ve never got the hype of the odd looking fatty green things but avocado is a food that you cant avoid at the moment. Smashed (why not mashed, why always smashed?) Avocado is a brunch staple these days and generally the only vegan option on most breakfast menus. They boast a variety of health benefits like being full of antioxidants, a source of healthy fats,  cholesterol reducing and full on mono-unsaturated fats which are good for the brain. Basically they are really good for you and we should all probably have some in our diet.

I used to hate avocado. It was up there with one of those foods that I couldn't stand the sight of. However recently learned to like and eat avocado. I say like with very little enthusiasm as Im actually pretty indifferent to it after all but I do eat it more regularly than I used to.The main thing that put me off is the way it felt in my mouth - slimy and mushy all plus the weird bland, slightly off-ish flavour made me gag. I voluntarily made myself some avocado on toast for myself this weekend - much to my own surprise so maybe I do actually like the stuff. I thought I’d share some of the ways I learnt to like avocado and maybe it'll help some of your haters out there learn to enjoy it more!

How did I learn to like Avocado?
  • Learn how to spot a ripe one. Pop avocado in the palm of your hand. Squeeze it lightly, if it yield to firm gentle pressure then you know it's ripe and ready-to-eat. Another little trick for testing ripeness is to flick off the stem on top of the avocado and its green underneath it should be ripe! Be careful buying them as unripe ones are just going to put you off more!
  • Try it as Guacamole. Add tomato, onions and coriander and mash it all up served with some tortilla chips. This was my first foray into Avo and I was still really unsure about the texture. However with the other ingredients it masked some of the slimy mush feeling and gave it some flavour!
  • Mash some up and put it on toast with a little bit of salt, pepper and some lemon juice. If you’re feeling Squeamish them only use a light spread and build it up as you slowly learn to enjoy eating it. I now like it quite thick but only with lots of salt and lemon and even some chilli or garlic powder.
  • Avocado Sushi. I went through a phase of only eating veggie sushi (I did eventually like fish sushi, then went Vegan!) so I’d always have a few pieces of avocado maki to get myself use to the taste as a chunk. Dipped in soy wrapped in some rice is lost a bit of it's texture all the whole getting me used to the taste. 

While I still haven’t got to the stage I could eat a whole one chopped up in a salad or something I am learning to like something I really used to hate with a passion. While I still don’t quite get why people rave and rave about the stuff I am slowly but surely learning to enjoy it and add it more to my diet as a healthy fat. 

Let me know what you think about Avocado!