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So… it’s finally got to that point where I have to announce something I’ve been working on for goodness knows how long. It’s been playing on my mind for what feels like forever. But yeap, Im writing a book.

I was pitched the idea of doing a book sometime in 2014 and I’ve been working on it here and there for almost a year now. I’ve been so nervous about announcing my book and I’ve had so many anxiety attacks this week just writing out this post. Mainly because Im doing a lot of it myself - From the writing to the image making the lot. Of course Im not doing the publishing part but I have some awesome people working on that side for me. To me writing a book was such a daunting task really and a HUGE challenge for someone who isn’t a trained writer and isn’t even really that academic (art school, hollaaa). I just knew that when I had this opportunity to do something in such a huge an unknown medium to myself - I wanted to share the thing that Im most knowledgeable and passionate about and that’s blogging.

My book is an inspirational slash advice style book for everyone from newbie bloggers, ones looking to up their game as well as advice going into full time blogging. It’s going to cover things from social media plans, content management, how to get inspired, how to name your blog and how to make the jump from hobby to full time blogging. I get asked every single day for advice on blogging and while I think you should take blogging tips with a pinch of salt sometimes I just want to inspire people to go forth and blog. A lot of it is done already but if you have any questions or topics you think I should cover then do let me know in the comments.

I just wanna take some of those questions people have a long the line of blogging and have a definitive answer to them all in the same place. Taking away that kinda nervousness about starting something new and different. 

Blogging changed my life is so many ways. From confidence, financially and turned my lifestyle on it’s head. Not to mention changing my whole career path. It’s a huge part of who I am and who I grew up to me. Im forever grateful for the people who support my blog and have been around from the start. It’s so crazy how huge blogging has got over the years and I feel so blessed to be part of this rich and exciting community. But yeah I knew I wanted to write a book that served a purpose so thats why I pushed to write a book about a subject rather than about myself.

Obviously I have a great editor behind me editing my terrible spelling and telling me off for trailing off in the middle of a sentence but I am writing it myself and yeah.  I dont really know what else to say! I did a video last year where I alluded to the fact I was writing a book and everyone saw it as me throwing shade at other bloggers writing books. It wasnt at all, I just didnt want to tell people and I even said it at the time in the comments it wasnt supposed to be shade! But hey ho. Lets face it, bloggers /vloggers are the in thing. People want to read what we have to say because's its new, unexplained and just a bit hard for people to get their heads around. But just like every other skill or job on the planet, people want to know about it. Curiosity and vouyerism!

I dont think Im a writer or an author now, and to me Im just looking at it like a bunch of blog posts but printed out on some fancy looking paper. I'll always be a blogger/vlogger at heart I just felt like the opportunity to write a book in mainstream medium was an opportunity I couldn't turn down.

I've legit been doing this about a year now so it's pretty insane thinking how far there is still to go. As soon as I get all the info about when its published and preorders I’ll of course let you know. As I name the book and all that jazz I’ll let you know. I know it’s tentatively scheduled for September though… so yeah. IM DOING A BOOK OMG. 

I’ve been having anxiety attacks on the reg just thinking about this post and Im so scared about the reaction. However Im so excited, proud and just you know… stoked about doing something like this.


  1. Well this is pretty damn awesome! Good on you Lily! To be honest this is probably the only blogger book I will buy, unless Zoe London brings one out too!
    Neesha | Reinventing Neesha ♥

  2. Amazing new Lily. you were the first ever blog I started reading a still a firm fave. Very proud to have met you in real life and be a fellow blogger now too. Be proud its fab news x

  3. As someone who actually got into blogging due to reading your blog, five long ass years ago, I'm SO happy to see you succeeding like this. Really looking forward to the book and don't be nervy. You're one of those bloggers that write genuinely and from the heart, so it'll be reet.

    Lily Melrose IS blogging.

    Sarah | Sequin This

  4. Really happy for you! You were one of the first blogs I ever read and I can't wait to read the book!


  5. wow, congratulations lily, can't wait to see the end product ;)


  6. Oh my goodness Lily this is the best news ever!!!! I haven't bought any of the youtubers books as they didn't really seem like my thing but I am absolutely loving the sound of yours and cannot wait to read it! It sounds like it's going to be super helpful and I like how you're going to cover lots of things to do with blogging :) Sending you the biggest online hug ever, what an amazing achievement for you :)
    Love Holly x


  7. How exciting! i can't wait to read it

  8. Great news Lily - it sounds like just the kind of book Id like to read :)

  9. aah well done!! can't wait to see/read this!

    Rachel // Style Soup

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  11. This sounds amazing!:)
    Cant wait to read it!

  12. Congratulations! This is amazingggg!! :') I cannot wait to read it! It sounds really thoughtful x

    TR's Thoughts

  13. Congratulations!!!!

    The topic is really interested and could be very helpful!! Well done! :)



  14. This is amazing! Seriously fantastic news. A book is a big deal & I can understand that the process can be overwhelming. You're awesome! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  15. This is awesome - don't be afraid! We readers will thank you for that book :)
    ...since we all want to learn from the big bloggers out there.

    xx Stefanie

  16. Such amazing achievement for you Lily, you should be super proud of yourself! Can't wait to read xx

  17. Well done! X


  18. That's amazing! I can't wait to read your book! XX


  19. This is so bloody amazing Lily, you were on of the first blogs I read so I can't wait to hear your side of the blogging world! Killing it girl <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  20. This is just so awesome! I feel so proud! Xx


  21. That's amazing Lily. I personally would want to read a book about blogging from a successful blogger so I'll definitely be checking it out when it comes out in September.

  22. Out of all of the bloggers/youtubers bringing out books lately, I'm definitely most excited for yours!! So happy for you x


  23. Amazing!! Can't wait to read it :) x


  24. Yes! A blogger/vlogger writing a book about blogging! I'm excited to read your book, it'll be great to have a 'pro' perspective on blogging rather than another 'lifestyle' (or show off) book like the others largely are :)
    Megan x
    <a href="http://londoncallings.com>London Callings</a>

    1. The annoying moment you realise you've been putting broken code on blogs all day! Oops :S

  25. Congrats lovely! Looking forward to seeing that when it comes out. P.S. You look Beauts in the photos of this post.

    Loves! Kirstie
    Kimamely Beauty

  26. Wish I had read this before I made that YouTube comment, I don't even make money from my blog or share it but I love doing it and know exactly what you mean about blogging! I'll be buying the book, I need some tips and it is a book I can relate too. Congratulations it is a massive achievement and you should be proud!! xx

  27. congratulations!!!!! im so excited for you!


  28. Congratulations!
    The book sounds like it's going to be a hit to all bloggers.


  29. Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read and still is one of my firm favourites, so I can't wait to read your book! It seems crazy that all these bloggers and vloggers have brought out books and yet none of them have written about blogging and vlogging! But I'm glad that you're the one to do it! Xxx


  30. Congratulations!
    Can't wait to read..


  31. That's so awesome! Can't wait to read it x

  32. Lily I am so chuffed for you!!! I have so much respect for you (in the blogging world and in general life haha) and i can't wait to have a read. Reading this has just cheered me right up aw!! <3 <3 xo


  33. When I read this post title I was like 'ohhh shit, no Lily, not another blogger doing a book', but after reading this, I think this is actually a book I'd buy. Although I like reading about people on their blogs, I don't want the virtual persons life to appear on my bookshelf too. But your subject choice is spot on! I'm not even just writing that just for you to feel good, I'm 100% honest, high five to you girl! I know there's a lot of books out there by other bloggers, like you say, but none by any blogs that I've read, I'm so glad it was you that took the step into that niche market. Excited to spy it in the bookshops later this year!


  34. Even though I have already commented on your video, I'll say it again! Well done and congrats!

    Clare | www.clare-without-an-i.com

  35. That is awesome Lily, congrats! And a brilliant concept for a book, I can't wait to get my hands on it! There is definitely a market for bloggers writing about blogging to help others blog better (can I say blog more times?!) But anyway, amazing and awesome, well done!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  36. Wow that's amazing news! I hope it all goes well for you, you deserve it!

    Vanessa // VNSX x

  37. I'm so happy for you, I can't wait to read your book! I'm sure it'll be amazing!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  38. Wow! This is so exciting and I will definitely be ordering!

    Stephanie xxxx

  39. Hey, I think this is really exciting! Yes, it can be scary to share to the world, but I think you'll have a positive experience with lots of great feedback from it. I think it's great that instead of bottling up what has successfully worked for you in the blogging world, you're sharing it so others can become successful as well. Great idea!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  40. This is so great! Love that you are offering advice to other bloggers and have turned it into a career! Your video was so inspiring to me and drives me even more to continue on with my blogging endeavors. Congratulations and all the best in the future!! :)


  41. I can't wait to pick this up! I love that you're taking a more blog-oriented stance rather than making a beauty guide. I think it will be so useful!


  42. Hi Lily!
    It's such a great idea! I
    I usually don't buy that sort of books but I will definitely pick up yours.
    I can't wait to see it. You're amazing don't ever change too much :)
    Take care x

    Serena from http://serenbird.blogspot.com/

  43. Congratulations Lily, and well done for taking charge and getting it he deal done yourself rather than waiting for it to come to you! Make sure you invite me to the launch, hehe xx

  44. I think that's a great idea and I will totally snap one up! I do hope you will publish it as an ebook too? Because I am currently living in China and hope I won't miss out because of that! :)
    Congrats hun!

    Ines | London Last Night

  45. Such great news, you really deserve it. Dont worry about what other people think , you made it so far from where you started. Go for it girl !! Cant wait for the book :):) xx

  46. Congratulations Lily! I'm really excited to read the book, I think it will be so successful amongst the blogging community and I love that you are playing to your strengths and writing about something you're an expert in, rather than a fiction or lifestyle book! x

    Miss Imogen Smith

  47. Congrats! can't wait to read it


  48. Amazing! Congrats!


  49. Congrats Lily and sounds exciting and what a great topic and I'd be interested in it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

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  51. This is amazing Lily! Congrats, I'm sure you'll do an amazing job!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  52. Congrats! I know that this will be fabulous!♥♥ ! http://cosmicconfession.blogspot.de/

  53. Congratulations on getting such an amazing opportunity!
    I'm definitely looking forward to the release ♥


  54. I am so interested in this book you're writing! Can't wait for it to be out so I can buy it!!!!

    hercely ☽ | hercely.blogspot.com/

  55. So glad you're writing a book all about blogging. I cannot wait until it comes out! Congrats lovely! x

    Jasmine || blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  56. i'm honestly so happy for you lily that you're doing this! out of all the books that have recently been released, this is the only one i'm truly excited for! your blog has been my favourite for a few years now and there's nothing i enjoy more than chilling out on the sofa, flicking through your old blog posts and i just can't wait to read your book! i love how you've written a book to benefit others as well, rather than just writing for the sake of it!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  57. I always forget to leave a comment on your post but I've probably been following your blog for nearly 3/4 years now? I have seen how much you've changed via this blog and it's honestly heartwarming. I almost feel proud every time I read an update from you because you're genuinely so deserving! I think you're great at everything you do as you really think and try to be outside of the box - which is why I think your book is going to be a roaring success. I can just see it now with it's fun, kooky design packed full of tips for the budding blogger.

    Can't wait to see it when it's out! As for panic attacks, stop, breathe and just read these comments. You'll feel miles better :-)

    shabna x x
    Pay a visit? -> http://scheine.co.uk

  58. Sounds fab and agree there are enough me me me books out there from bloggers. Those books only appeal to their fanbase whereas something about blogging has wider appeal. Congratulations!

  59. omg congratulations Lily!! that's so exciting :)


  60. Huge congrats and good on you! tbh it's great to see bloggers doing books and getting these opportunities as they're real people with real opinions and that's what I love, good luck with the process and it's definitely a book i'd pick up :) xx


  61. You deserve this so much! http://beccaelaine.blogspot.co.uk

  62. First time I'm commenting!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait the book!


  63. I love the idea of you writing a book :) good luck with it!!


  64. Oh WOW! Amazing, Lily. So exciting to hear that you're writing a book. And it sounds like such a great concept too. Looking forward to seeing the finished result soon :-) x

  65. OMG....congratulations Lily! So pleased for you!

    You were the inspiration for me to start my blog, I remember seeing you in Company magazine and falling in love with you & your blog and deciding it was time to give it a go for myself. Excited that you can pass on your wisdom now!


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  67. Will surely wait for your book


    Check out the latest collection

  68. OMG congrats Lilly, that's epic I'm sure it will be great. Great to hear you have main input into it as well, so bound to be a hit. You better sign my copy Melrose :P x

  69. This will be an absolute god send to me as I've just started up blogging again (after giving up in 2012 as I never felt 100% happy with my content - ending in a lot of tantrums!). I would definitely benefit from a helping hand! I'm sure I'll be one of the first in line to buy the book, can't wait. Also well done on this HUGE achievement!!! xx

    Jess Said...

  70. Is there anyway to preorder your book?! I can't wait to read it! I've just started out my blog xxx

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