Contiki Travel Styles (Giveaway)

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travelling with contiki
Take the Contiki’s Travel Styles Quiz for a change win a prize picked by me related to your travel style!

If you weren't aware Contiki is a 18-35 travel company for people who share a passion for adventure and seeing the world. Contiki have introduced Travel styles - No two travellers are the same and everyone is looking for something different. Contiki offers 8 travel styles which depending on what your looking for on a trip will help you make the most of your travelling experience. world. Whether you love local culture, exclusive parties or taking to the high seas, they've got a travel experience to suit.

Discovery Plus See and do it all with top amenities and incredible places to rest your head 
High Energy Experience culture-filled days, epic sights and late nights
Easy Pace A more relaxed way to get around, for those who want to take it slow
In-Depth Explorer Get to the heart of the places you visit with more unique experiences and free time to explore
Freestyle Camping camping adventures with all the luxuries of home
Sailing & Cruise Discover the freedom of a holiday on crystal clear waters
Festivals & Short Stays Join our lineup of big festivals, day-trips & Christmas/NYE celebrations
Winter & Ski Explore Europe covered in a dusting of snow or hit some of world’s best slopes

Embeded in this post there is a travel quiz which will help you work out which of their travel styles would suit your needs. Im definitely an Easy Pace sort of girl, I like travelling at a slow and steady pace so I can take in all my surroundings and really get a feel for where Im going. I also quite like In Depth Explorer as I really love to have unique experiances and to get a good feel for the local area. Which one do you think would suit you best?

Im off on a new Contiki Trip this week which I'll fill you in on Friday morning about! It's going to be a real trip to remember!


  1. That photo is seriously incredible, the colours are so vibrant and pretty! Have fun on your Contiki holiday!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. YOU'RE A
    Adventure hungry and culture curious, you dream of far off places and thrilling experiences yet to come. You want to see it all and do it all, living life with #NOREGRETS.

    So true for me personally. Thanks for blogging about this site as I had never heard of it before. Have fun on your trip.

  3. Dfinutely a mix of all in equal harmony

  4. I'm discovery plus :)

    I love looking at your blog posts of South East Asia last year. I hope your trip this time is just as wonderful!

  5. I'm an In Depth Explorer Traveller!

    Really looking forward to reading about your next Contiki Adventure - I've been browsing their website ever since your last one - everything looks incredible! Have an amazing time! :)

  6. In depth explorer - so true :D

    Have fun !

  7. Will surely check this site and definitely will join LOL

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  8. Awesome photo! And now I am going to explore Contiki world =))

  9. Have fun!!!

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    lb-lc fashion blog

  10. Such a good photo :)
    Enjoy your trip - look forward to reading about it.
    Joey x

  11. I'm so desperate to go on a Contiki trip! They look wonderful. I got Easy Pace, too. I think I did it before and got Discovery Plus though, both types seem great either way haha.

    Have fun on your tour.
    Samantha xx

  12. I'm an In Depth Explorer! This is super accurate though, haha! <3
    This quiz and this whole post made me want to go travel as soon as possible. Too bad school is in the way. :( Anyway, this Contiki site sounds pretty cool! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Xoxo


  13. Apparently I am a Discovery Plus sort of person cool might check out their trips xx

  14. I'm clearly the easy pace type as well! I can't really enjoy myself when running around furiously trying to see all the sights :D

  15. Great post! I love to explore the world. I love to travel, but I have a problem with finding time and moreover money for that. But if you want something very much it can come true. :)
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  16. I LOVE travelling - i can't wait till I have the chance to do so freely - and I'm also hoping to go into a job that allows me to travel a lot which is great too!
    I just done a steal my style for Rihanna's pink suit and more outfit on my blog- check it out !!!

  17. sounds amazing! lovely pic! xo

  18. Discovery Plus Traveller. This site looks so good. Can't wait to go travelling after my degree. Surfing, skiing, sightseeing, sleeping under the stars - the lot!

  19. I'm a mix of in-depth and explorer - I like to take my time to experience the sights!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  20. Apparently I'm a freestyle camper! I never really go camping anymore, but definitely would love to sleep in a tent and have barbecues, sounds like fun to me haha :) Have a great time in Japan, so so jealous! xx

  21. I meant to look into Contiki after your last trip, but I never got around to it, but I'm definitely going to check it out now. I'm just itching to get back to traveling and hopefully I can find something within my budget! Thanks Lily!

    Adventure hungry and culture curious, you dream of far off places and thrilling experiences yet to come. You want to see it all and do it all, living life with #NOREGRETS.

    I'm going to Japan a week on Wednesday so it would be good if you could write some informative, helpful posts on what to expect? I'm slightly nervous. We're going for 19 days and I've planned it all myself... eeeeek

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  24. This seems amazing, and it's one of the first quizzes that gave me an answer that I wanted to hear :)

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