YSL Black Opium review swatch photo

YSL Black Opium does not smell anything like I imagined it would. The packaging suggests something a little darker, masculine and a little musky. But I found the scent to be a little bit sweet with a heavy vanilla undertone. It takes me back to the 90’s and the rich sweetness of Impulse Vanilla kisses with a modern edge.

Black Opium is girlier and sweet with a sexy floriental opening which dries down to a darker coffee aroma. It's simple, but punchy and unapologetic but also incredibly sweet. In fact the scent reminds me of a Vanilla Latte... Creamy, tart with a little rawness.

I actually adore the scent and I think this is going to be a popular offering from YSL but the branding on this one confuses me. I don’t really understand where they have got the whole Rock N Roll theme from when the perfume itself screams girly girl. You could have slapped it in a pink bottle and it probably made more sense. Not quite Rockstar edginess, but a must spritz all the same!