OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia review swatch photo
OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia review swatch photo

Lip Liner is a product that I’ve never really got. I just never really understood how or why I needed to use it. I recently picked up the OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia and I finally understood the joys of a lip liner. The OCC Lip Liner is creamy and easy to use with minimal fading as a base. Crazy long wearing, it defines and shapes my lips and locks in colour. Perf.

Lip liner seems to have a resurgence in popularity recently. Maybe because of the rise of the Kylie Jenner Lip. While girl aint fooling anyone with her lip fillers everyone is trying to create that super full look. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt since dabbling in the stuff:

DO use a natural shade around the edges of the lips for a fuller look to the lips.

DONT use lip liner without a product on top. Often lip pencils are designed to be chalkier and more matte. Try using a balm or a light gloss over it to keep it looking fresh and hydrated.

DO use lip liner to define the lips. The cupids bow especially.

DONT over line your lips to the point it looks fake. While it somehow works for Kylie Jenner us mere mortals don’t seem to have much luck. Keep it looking natural but boosted.

DO line the lips when using a bright lip colour. It’ll make it last longer and look cleaner around the edges.