do i cut my hair short
I went for the big chop last year - going from below the boob long flowing locks to The Lob. I think at the time I just needed a change (admittedly, post breakup hair change hollaaaa). Flash forward almost a year later and Im pining for my longer locks. Do I regret the chop? Not at all. My hair needed it at the time but I’m always asked about if I regret the drastic hair change!

Think about it

Chopping your hair off is a major decision. I dwelled on cutting mine for about a week before settling on doing it. If your worried about it then sleep on it and then sleep on it again until you are 100% sure. Don’t let stress or peer pressure prompt you. And if you’re going for the post breakup hair change… maybe wait a week or two to make sure it's right!


Most hairdressers offer a consultation for free. Make sure you bring in enough photographs of what you do and do want (see this post on how to avoid a bad haircut) and state exactly what you want and expect. Your hair dresser isn’t a mind reader so try and be as clear as you can be. Always
ask your stylists opinion too, they are the professional after all.

Try & Try again

Maybe go into a wig shop and ask if you can try on a few different styles to get a feel for how it might look on you. There are also tons of online makeover tools which might be worth testing out of you’re still unsure. It’s probably a good idea to test out what it might look on you before making a huge commitment!