While pondering my A/W wardrobe I noticed I have a lot of boots - Specifically black boots. Noticing my severe lack in colour in my shoedrobe I thought I'd roam the high street looking for some colourful alternatives. In River Island I spotted these burgundy babies and instantly knew they would fill the gap. They are pretty tall in heel height and I do feel like Im teetering a little but the colour is spot on. A really wonderful autumnal come winter shade that goes perfectly with my predominately monochromatic clothing line up. The way they look contrasted with the fallen leaves makes me so happy. Colour match made in heaven.

I love pairing my boots with fun socks and these frill ankle ones from Topshop are perfect. I do love the 3 for £8 deals Topshop do on their socks. Switching up your sock game can really be a game changer in the footwear department. I chose some frilly ankle ones to go with my Boots and I thought they added a perfectly girly edge contrasted with the toughness of the cleated boots and the flowy midi skirt!
Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose