10 hair commandments

Perfect the looks you wear most often. Try spending a little time working on the hair do’s that you can do rather than sweating over the ones you can’t seem to master. You’ll save time in the long run!

Keep an Emergency Hair Kit. By keeping your favourite haircare products within easy reach you’ll be able to fix any hair disaster you might come across. Dry Shampoo, mini comb and some bobby pins could be all you need!

Watch Trends… but don’t always conform! Not everyone will suit a choppy pixie cut or platinum blonde. What might be in right now might not be the look for you! Keep an eye on things though as you may have a fresh idea you’ve not thought of trying before!

Work with what you got. If you have naturally curly hair then work with it rather than against it. No matter what hair texture you have you’ll always want the opposite - Us girls are never happy! But working with what you have is better than struggling to change!

Travel sized is your friend. Or decant any of your daily must haves into small travel sized containers. Don’t try and use those hotel mini’s on your hair as it won’t thank you for it!

Touch your hair! Raking your fingers through your hair before leaving the house is the best way to add a bit of a tousled edge and a quick way of checking if it’s greasy or not!

Have 3 go to up do hairstyles minimum. A low messy bun, a fun braid or a big bun. Having a few hair up styles in your arsenal are great if you need to switch your hair up from day to night.

DIY is great… but be careful. While dying your hair at home is super easy and I’m all for experimentation. Make sure you consult a friend in the know before doing anything drastic! Hands up who’s accidentally dyed their hair orange instead of blonde?

Try Accessories - Adding a clip or a fancy barrette can add a huge difference to the simplest of hair do’s. It’s also perfect for distracting from unwashed hair!