Benefit Majorette Blush

Benefit Majorette Blush review swatch photo
Benefit Majorette Blush review swatch photo
Benefit Majorette Blush review swatch photo

This has been in my to review pile for way too long before picking it up a couple of weeks ago and becoming instantly addicted to the stuff. A newbie to the Benefit blush line up is Benefit Majorette.

A super adorable blush in girl packaging that has a sort of tambourine style shape to it with a cute scalloped edge. It's totally classic Benefit when it comes to packaging, girly, cute and kitch. Benefit Majorette is a light golden peach which gives a subtle coral peach hue to the skin and a light flush of colour.  The formula is a unique cream to powder style finish which blend seamlessly into the skin and is totally fool proof.

As a lover of peachy pink coral blushes it was a dream for me. It really gave a perky boost to my skin which is perfect for the colder months.




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