how to self tan

Make it the last step

If you need to do your nails, wash your hair, shave your legs then do it all before you apply self tanner. You don’t want to go to all the effort of applying self tanner only to realise you needed to wash your hair and for the whole process to be ruined! 

Always Exfoliate & Shave

By keeping your skin fresh and buffed it will eliminate those horrible dry dark patches and look more natural. Self tanner naturally sinks into the drier areas of your skin and can look a little gross... Slough off all the dead skin with a coarse scrub, focusing on the knee’s elbows and heels. Oh and don’t use an oil based scrub as it’ll create a film over the skin which the self tanner won’t like!

ALWAYS Moisturise

Once your body is dry, apply some lightweight moisturiser. Focus again on the drier areas of your skin like around your nose, knees, elbows and feet. This will also stop the drier areas from going dark and dry!

Be Product Smart

I personally like self tans that come as cream’s or mousse. I just find them easiest to apply and they sink into my skin better. When picking a self tanner I always pick one designed for my specific skin tone. As I’m olive toned I often choose ones that have a greeny undertone and often opt for the darker shades as they compliment my skin better. If your worried about going too dark then use a gradual tanner which will progressively get darker over time. I love the or the St Tropez Express Tan for quick tanning and the Palmers Cococa Butter Gradual Tan for a lighter slow building bronze.

Test your Technique

First up, always use a mitt or latex gloves. Nothing gives a smoother finish, and you don’t end up with orange paws. Use smooth circular motions wiring from the bottom to the top, applying about 1TSP of product as you go. Working from the bottom to the top means you don’t get weird lines as you reach down! I don’t personally tan my face but here you have to be really careful. Apply the self tanner on the high points of your face (places that’d naturally catch the sun) and blend outwards. Be super careful and apply very lightly!



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