My love for blush comes and goes, but right now I'm firmly in the “love it” camp. There is nothing I like more than a touch of blush on the apples with a light hand to perk up my post summer skin.

Here is the lowdown on a few of the blushes that have been gracing my face DING over the last few weeks.

NYX Angel Blush

A subtle, very soft peachy pink shade that's not too warm or too cool. I feel like it adds just the right amount of dusty pink with a touch of sheen to bring out the apples of my cheeks. Perfect for paler gals who want a little bit of extra oomph.

Revlon Racy Rose Blush

A warm toned coral with a hint of pink and a frosty sheen. It reminds me a little of Nars Love but with a little bit more shimmer going through it. It's pretty stiff in the pan, but but once you get the color off (I suggest using a stiff blush brush) it's a lovely brightening shade and totally flattering on all skin tones.

Fashionista Juicy Apricot

It pains me to talk about makeup from this brand as I don’t agree with a lot of the parent companies' practices but I really like this shade... And look at me throwing some shade. On the puns. It’s a cool peachy orange with gold shimmer going through it. Whenever I wear it, I always get so many compliments on it, I just wish it wasn't by this brand.

Nars Gilda

An orange coral with a little burnt red going through it. When used lightly it brings out the cheeks natural redness and perks up the face. Be careful when applying as like all Nars blushes it's very highly pigmented and too much can look a little bit like sunburn! A light hand or a soft bristled blusher brush should do the trick. Soft, smooth and long lasting this is currently one of my favourite blushes.


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nyx angel blush 
revlon racy rose blush review swatch
revlon racy rose blush

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nars gilda review swatch
nars gilda