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So I’m not heading back to school anytime soon. Seriously done with that. I left school almost 9 years ago now and it's crazy to think back that far. None the less the style staple for those that way inclined is definitely a backpack. It’s become a Cool Girl staple over the last few years and have gone from being pretty ugly to perfectly on trend.

As I have recently been converted to the hands free side and I’m not looking back. My Urban Outfitters one is real leather, super soft and so hard wearing. I’ve taken it across the country, travelling, to festivals and stuffed it with goodness knows what. Having the freedom to check everything in a bag and get on with life is the one.

Heres a shoppable selection of my favourite backpacks on the market right now. Forget getting a sporty style one (unless you dig that, then cool cool!) and pick something a little more refined and on trend.