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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Rita Ora - The face of the newest addition to the DKNY line up - MYNY. The ad campaign, which includes TV and print, was shot in Times Square by Francesco Carrozzini and captures the spirt and soul of New York.

I've interviewed celebrities before and have found some to be really media trained. They say exactly what you expect them to say. On the other hand Rita is natural, chatty and I was sitting right next to her which I found really odd but I didnt feel weirded out or fangirly. She made me feel super relaxed and just chatted away casually. I would show you the photo I have of me and her but I look like a 5 year old haha!

Rita told me that she finds New York really inspiring. Originally from Kosovo, growing up in the UK and then moving to New York when she was 17 to pursue a music career - with Def Jam no less. I cant even imagine moving to New York let alone moving to be signed to Jay Z's record label! "I was shit scared!" she told me. Explaining how the experience made her grow up very fast due to it's fast paced lifestyle and that "everyone has somewhere to be!". 

When I asked about the power of perfume - She explained how she uses fragrance to stand out, using various scents to leave an impression. I'm the same, I've always been that girl to spray a load of perfume on and hope that someone comments or asks about my scent. Rita told me how she used to spray her boyfriends pillow as she left to make sure he was reminded of her scent. It was also really nice to here that first ever fragrance was a DKNY one so it's cool to see how she's progressed into fronting a fragrance for the brand!

DKNY My NY is feminine, soft and musky with a little woody undertone. It's clean, modern and chic but sweet and girly at the same time. It screams modern women. I've already reviewed the DKNY MYNY fragrance here which you can check out all the details. 

It's launching today exclusive to Debenhams - So If you're in London then get down to the Oxford Street Debenhams store to sample a variety of different treats including free samples of the fragrance, coffee, cronuts, sweets and other MYNY inspired goodies. I hear there is also a Naked Cowboy! They are hosting a ton of giveaways so it's worth popping in and getting involved!


DKNY MY NY review swatch

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