how to tan in the summer

I love tanning, While I often like to fake it I do really love the sun.I just prefer the way I look when Im a little bronzed. I feel prettier, slimmer and just feel like I look a bit healthier. As it’s summer and Im sure we are all (hopefully) jetting off somewhere nice for a week or two so it’s time to talk natural tans. I recently met up with some sun care experts who shared their top tips on making the most of your tanning experiences.

No Sunbeds

I used to use sun beds but now I’m firmly against them. While most sun beds claim to give you a healthy tan it’s the wrong type of UV they pump out. UVB stimulates vitamin D where as most sun beds are purely UVA’s. Using sun beds can increase your risk of cancer by up to 75%. Just be super careful.

Understand Sunscreen

SPF is quite hard to get your head around. Look for terms like ‘broad spectrum’ or the UVA logo, words like ‘high’ and look at the star rating if your bottle has one. If you’re pale try sunscreen that are SPF 50 or if your a little darker go for SPF30. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours and while experts recommend using a golfball sized blob for every square inch of the skin that isn’t possible.

Slow and Steady

Keeping your tan going slow and steady reduces tour risk of sunburn and gives you a healthier tan. Sitting out in the sun all day will only increase your chances of burning and skin damage. Control your tan time by doing it in short bursts throughout the day going your skin time to produce any more melanin (the tanning pigment)


I was skeptical but taking supplements to boost your skins natural defence again UV can help your skins ability to tan. Tan accelerating creams are a bunch of lies and DO not work. Nothing you apply to your skin can help product more melanin so try and boost from within.

Faux it

When in doubt fake it. While it offers no sun protection and you should obviously still wear sunscreen going for a spray tan or using a self tanner is skin friendly and doesn’t harm the skin at all. It’ll also boost first day bikini confidence!