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Okay so maybe this is a beauty post but I thought I'd pop it on here considering it's a pretty big difference - plus not everyone reads my beauty blog but if you don't you're missing out. Just sayin'. Yesterday I booked in with Four London - the guys who were responsible for my initial big chop for a bit of a refresh.

While I do like my last colour I've been itching to change it for a while. I've been toying with a fringe for quite a while after seeing a photo on my old myspace from when I had a full fringe. I also really wanted to soften my hair up and give it a more feminine feel. While I did love my old "rock n roll" blonde look as a result of my successful dabble with John Frieda Go Blonder, I just wanted something a little more 60's, flirtier  - A little cleaner in tone and just a little more feminine.

To be honest I cant remember what we actually did to get this. I got a bunch of highlights and reverse highlights to create a more unique texture of tones compared to the block blonde I had before. I made it clear I wanted my hair to be mink blonde with no golden tones it it but still retain a lot of brightness. You cant really see the colour in these insta-snaps but it's a very mink blonde in real life. As for the cut, I got it chopped back to my original long bob length and then I asked for an Alexa Chung come Suki Waterhouse come Jane Birkin style fringe. I wanted something I could style on the side, in the middle or wear full depending on my mood. I was super happy with the result as it's just the right amount of grunge to softness.

I paid quite a lot to get my hair done - I wont say how much considering it's a bit crass but its not your average on the cheap job. It's a central London salon but I HIGHLY recommend Four London, one of the best salon experiences I've ever had. Both times I've left without feeling upset or having dreaded hairdresser related tears. Trust me I've had a lot of them!

Im sure you'll see more pics over the next few weeks with it while I get to grips with styling it. Im off to Wireless and Sonisphere this weekend so I've alerted my friends to be on "fringe watch" while I get used to having it flap about in my eyes!