festival hair inspiration

fudge urban hair chalks

Recently I went to Wireless festival with hair brand Fudge Urban and they did my hair for the event. You can read all about it over on my Fashion and Lifestyle blog! I wanted something festival inspired but also tied in the bright colours of my Topshop Boutique Dress. My hair stylist decided to tong my newly chopped hair and then add some random streaks of pink using the Fudge Urban Hair Chalks. Little domed pots of compressed chalk which add instant vibrant tones to the hair. Lightly sealed in place with a layer of hairspray and voila! Instant festival ready hair.

The chalks lasted all day and washed out with ease, I wasn't left with a pink tinge and my hair didnt feel dry and gross. I was so happy with the outcome of the hair chalks actually and would definitely consider doing it again at another festival I'm at. Super easy, so fun and no commitment. My only niggle would be once the domed top wears down it makes application a little harder but I guess thats only a minor issue.


Fudge Urban Hair Chalk review swatch