lush The Sunblock review swatch photo

When this came to my house a few days I was like… "really, thats different"? The Sunblock from Lush is the first ever solid sunscreen wash that I’ve ever come across on my beauty quests. Showering on sun protection is a new one to me. The bar contains Zinc Oxide which is used as a natural sunscreen. The bar itself is super soft and so creamy, packed full of lovely cocoa butter which would melt wonderfully in the skin. Even within the packaging in this hot weather it's slightly melting You’re supposed to use 1/3 of a bar to protect your whole body, which means you are only going to get three applications out of this bar - so not the best value for money. Apply in the shower to damp skin and rinse off. 

To be honest Im pretty skeptical but I will give it a go as soon as my current hellish fever state has stopped me from going outside. It doesn’t give me any indication of if I need to reapply it during the day or not either. The blurb on the product sort of thinly implies you should use a “synthetic sunscreen” to compliment this though which doesn’t fill me with hope. Will keep you updated on this but I just wanted to share a new and unique product!


lush the sunblock review swatch