how to use makeup primer

Primer is one of those things you either love or hate. It might seem like an extra step for the lazy beauty girls, but they do make a whole world of difference when it comes to makeup application. Today I’m going to be chatting primer 101 - Note pads at the ready.


Think about what you want your primer to do? Do you want it to brighten your skin tone, mattify, create a canvas for your makeup or refine the complexion? Do you want one that smooths the skin, reduces oil production, brightens the skin tone? There are a ton of primers out there so working out what type of primer you’re looking for is the best place to start. Don’t be afraid to mix primers too, if you’re an oily skinned gal with sallowness - mix an illuminating primer with an oil reducing one. This way you can use a bit of makeup mixology for a two in one primer.

Tint it

Use the colour wheel to find a primer to counteract your skin issues. For example, Lilac shades will brighten sallow looking skin and green will neutralise any redness in the skin. There are a variety of skin tone adaptive primers depending on your skin issues so it’s worth checking out

Little by Little

Less is more when it comes to primer. You really don’t need to coat on the stuff before applying foundation to the skin. I like to use a minuscule - smaller than a pea - sized dollop. I dot it onto the skin and rub it in on the areas that need priming. Typically oily skinned gal’s will need to prime the t-zone but if you have things like open pores on your cheeks, apply a light layer there.