Le Soft Perfume in Artist

le soft perfume artist review swatch photo

le soft perfume artist review swatch photo

Le Soft Perfume is a french brand of perfume solid stick scents. They are made without any alcohol so are composed in a solid stick like affair. I’ve seen these on Cult Beauty a fair few times and I jumped at the chance to try one for myself. The packaging is cute and fun and really easy to transport around. They slip into a pocket or purse with ease and would make the perfect addition to a festival beauty bag.

I was given the scent Artist which is a masculine scent with some grapefruit, patchouli and musky notes. It’s a very unique scent which smells quite old fashioned with a slightly fresh edge. It has a little bit of “old man” smell about it which I can’t quite but my finger on. Musky and cedar-woody with a blast of masculinity. By the packaging, I wasn’t expecting a scent like this but I really like it.

I have my eye on a few other scents from this range so I can’t wait to explore this more!


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