Collection Mardi Gras Collection review swatch photo

There's a lot of focus on Brazil inspired shades this Summer, I'm not surprised considering it’s the World Cup. So pretty much every brand is coming out with acidic tropical brights to compliment the excitement and vibrancy of Rio. Collection is launching a six piece Mardi Gras collection in June to coincide.

The three nail colours are white, teal green with a little shimmer and a mid tone yellow. Opaque in two coats and retailing for a mere £1.99. The brushes are alright, thick and chubby so they coat the nail in one stroke - just not the best quality as the bristles lengths are a bit hit and miss.

To be honest I think this collection from Collection is a bit naff. The colours are boring and uninspiring and I expected a little more from them. While I kinda see the Mardi Gras theme in the nail shades they’ve picked. They are just too safe and obvious going with the Brazilian Flag colours, when Mardi Gras is all about colour and excitement. I just feel like its a bit of a safe colour palette. I really like the yellow shade, but the other two are just a bit blah when they could have picked such peppier, brighter and fun shades. Don’t get me wrong the formula and the price point is fine, I’m just underwhelmed by the colour choice considering the theme. The Collection Mardi Gras collection also contains a bunch of lip balms which also are a bit boring. Just plain old lip balms in tacky clear packaging - Think Maybelline Baby Lips. I need to stop being so harsh as are fine - just like I said… boring.

Corr this has been a bit of a mean review from me. Like I said there is really nothing wrong with the products or the formulations - I just think it could be so much better. I just felt like it was a brand cashing in on a beauty trend (seriously brace yourself for all things Brazil!) without really thinking about making it work as a collection overall. Gosh how many times have I said collection in this post!