hair style partings

Deep partings were all over the catwalks for AW, taking the place of the classic middle partings being the go-to for a few reasons. Switching up your parting can change the way your hair looks with minimal effort and perfect for those who don’t want to go for the chop to switch up their look.

Parting Styles

The Middle Parting: This suits oval and heart shaped faced really well and adds a bit of length to the face.
The Simple Side Parting: One for those who weren’t blessed with totally symmetrical, proportioned features, a slightly off-centre parting can be a more flattering.
The Deep side Parting: This works really well for those who have fringes or short hair cuts (think The Frankie hairstyle) Just make sure your hair doesn’t end up in your eyes!

I wear my hair parted in two ways - Either a messy centre part or a side parting. My natural parting is very roughly in the middle, the straight middle doesn’t really work too well with my bedhead boho style.I often flip my hair over to extreme side parts to fake a fringe or keep it simple with a slight off centre part. Each makes my hair look slightly different but changing the part was so easy to do!