how to remove makeup stains

I'm a messy person. I get my makeup all over my desk, clothes and goodness knows what else. Makeup is like the grown up version of finger painting - sometimes it just gets messy. I’ve had lipsticks become uncapped in my bag, powders smash on my carpet and nail polish sinking into my duvet. I’ve been researching some of the best ways to get makeup out of pretty much everything.

Lipstick on Collars

Apparently the best way to remove lipstick from fabric is to use washing up liquid or dish soap. These contain de-greasers which are helpful at removing the oily base of lipsticks. Apply enough to cover the stain and let it sink in for a few minutes before washing and repeating until the colour has lifted.

Powder in Purse

Try wiping excess powder out of a leather bag is easy as you can just use a damp cloth or wipe. This will remove the majority of powder quickly and effectively. You could even you use a toothbrush and a spot cleaning product to get rid of smaller crumbs. I’ve even hoovered the inside of a bag before to make sure any excess is gone!

The Foundation Line

Oh, that telltale round the neckline smudge. Most of the time foundation will wash right out, but a clean toothbrush or a damp cloth with a bit of stains remover dabbed until the stain comes to the surface will help clear it up quickly. Unfortunately, the only way to really get foundation out of wool or silk is to get it dry cleaned, pricey but with items like this it’s not worth taking a risk.

Nail Polish Spills

Regrettably, I haven’t come across any fixes for nail polish spills. I’ve had to throw away clothes and bedding before after attempting to give myself a manicure. I’ve read using acetone and an old towel will help pick up colour - saturating the stain with remover then dabbing with an old towel, being careful to not dab twice with the same area of towel. I'm currently on a roll with not spilling my nail polish so I won’t be trying this one out!