coconut oil review swatch photo

marks and spencers organic virgin coconut oil

So, Coconut Oil is a thing right now. I’ve seen people replace pretty much their whole beauty routine in favour of the stuff. It kinda looks like a block of solidified oil which wasn’t really what I was expecting, I thought it’d be morefluid. But Coconut Oil liquefies pretty quickly in the warmth of your hands. Also, obviously, it smells really coconut-y. I have the world most sensitive skin, most oils break me out almost immediately so there was no way I was gonna use the stuff on my face. I’d read some horror stories over on Makeup Alley so I couldn’t bring myself to do it no matter what some beauty boffins have claimed.

I decided to use a safe method and use it as an overnight hair mask. I applied generous dollops (my new favourite word) all over my ends and mid lengths (avoiding the roots) and left it overnight. It slept on an old pillowcase, but it didn’t actually leave any residue on my pillow. Come morning I washed it out using my usual shampoo and conditioner and wowza... Jesus wept! My hair was baby soft the next day. It’s super damaged right now due to over processing with my overwhelming desire to be blonder and blonde - But my hair was ridiculously soft and had a subtle note of coconut. My favourite scent.

So yeah,  I'm converted to the Coconut Oil side. My hair was left softer and shinier than it’s been in yonks and just as lovely as my expensive hair masks. I got my Coconut Oil from M&S but you can pick it up in most supermarkets in the health food sections. It also tastes awesome, I like to use it when roasting sweet potato for a subtle coconutty taste. Yum!