my evening skincare routine

my evening skincare routine
my morning skincare routine


So my skincare building series is coming to and end and I thought it would be time to share my current skincare routine. I do really want to stress that these are the products that work for me and my skin. As Ive already explained I have very sensitive oily/combination skin which is incredibly troublesome. I suffer from quite a lot of sallowness in my skin tone, hyper pigmentation around my mouth, scarring along my jawline and congestion in the form of blackheads.

My Morning Skincare Routine

My morning skincare focuses on a light but cleansing refresh of the skin using the Elemental Herbology Bio Cellular Super Cleanse. It’s packed full of skin friendly goodness which leaves my skin feeling refreshed for the day. I then spritz my face with a cooling revitalising toner - I current love the Skyn Iceland Aric Face Mist. This makes my face feel really zingy and perfect for applying makeup. I then pop a small amount of Hydraluron on, leave that to soak in then apply a light balancing day cream. At the moment I really like the REN T-Zone Balancing Fluid. It leaves my skin feeling hydrates without adding extra oiliness. 

My Evening Skincare Routine

Sometimes I’ll go in first with a cotton pad saturated in the L’Oreal Eye And Lip Absolute Eye Makeup Remover before getting out my cleansers to remove eye makeup. On lazy days I go straight in with my first cleanse using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This breaks down all the makeup and grime from my face ready for a good deep cleanse. For my second cleanse I often use a brightening cleanser to deal with my skin sallowness and congestion issues. I really like the Elemental Herbology Bio Cellular Super Cleanse as it helps stimulate cell turnover and deep cleans the skin. Then I’ll use an exfoliating toner such as the Alpha H Liquid Gold and apply that all over my face. My skin is too sensitive to use this on a daily basis so I try to use it a few nights a week. Over exfoliating the skin can make it thinner and even more sensitive so I go easy on application. Then I’ll apply my Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream as I’ve got a bit of dryness under my eyes. Then I apply the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + to help fade scarring, prevent spots and unclog pores before adding Aesop Control Gel to any spots that might need a bit of extra zit zapping. For a final step I’ll pop a small amount of Hydraluron on, leave that to soak in then apply Origins Make A Difference Plus+. This is my all time favourite face cream as it hydrates my skin without making it feel greasy or slick and best of all it doesn’t break me out.