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Your skin is going to be there for life… So you might as well take the time to get to know it. I’ve already talked about some of the products you should consider incorporating into your skincare routine but working out what products are best for your skin is a completely different story. Every single skincare aliment has some product on the market but generally identifying your skin type will help point you in the right direction. This way you know the type of products that are designed for your skin type and what ingredients or product types work best for you. It's likely you fall into one of the basic categories:


This is often considered the dream skin type. It usually pretty looks clear, healthy and smooth. Normal skin is typically not too dry or too oily. It sits somewhere in-between the two but on the whole has no noticeable skin problems. If you have normal skin you will likely have no noticeable sensitivity, pores and a pretty average looking completion. Normal skin is typically the easiest to take care of!

Try: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Cetaphil Daily Facial


Oily skin is like to be more blemish prone and more likely to have visible pores. Your makeup may slip off during the day and you often have to touch up with powder or blot the face with oil sheets.Your skin may feel shiny or dull looking and you might feel like it lacks radiance. People with oily skin types often deprive the skin of moisture because they feel many moisturisers are too heavy and don’t “sink in” which often leaves to the skin being dehydrated. Oily skincare focuses on a variety of troublesome skincare problems like easing congestion, sebum production and purifying the skin,

Try: Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser, Clarins Lotus Oil, Lush Dark Angels


Dry skin can feel tight and flakey despite moisturising and may feel “stripped” after cleansing. The lack of oil being produced by the skin can make the skin flaky and delicate therefore reduces its natural ability as a protective barrier. Pollution, UV and change in weather can often make this skin type worse. Dry skincare focuses on the more moisturising and protective products, they are often quite thick and are designed to really sink deep into the skin.

Try: Bioderma Hydrabio Moisture Mask, Hydraluron, Clarins Extra Comfort Cleanser


Combination skin has a mixture of oily and dry skin, typically with an oily T-zone wither drier areas around the mouth and nose. This is one of the hardest skin types to manage as it’s quite unpredictable at times. Combination skincare focuses on balancing the two skintypes and try to pull it back into the normal zone.

Try: Origins United State Balancing Toner, Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser


Sensitive skin can come in many different forms. From skin thats sensitive to the environment, the weather, certain products, oils or even SPF. Sensitive skin types have to listen to their skin and react accordingly - very tricky to manage but not incurable.

Try: Origins Make A Difference Plus+, REN Hydracalm Cleansing Milk, Elemental Herbology Delicate Cleanse Facial Cleanser

My Skintype

My skin type is oily but most of the time it sits in the combination zone. My skin is incredibly sensitive and I’m allergic (well... INCREDIBLY sensitive) to SPF, silicones and most natural oils. Think cleansing oils and balm cleansers, even hair oils give me back spots! This is because my skin is incredibly fragile and often reacts negatively when I try new products. This is why I don’t talk about a wide variety of skincare because it’s so risky for me to try out new stuff as I KNOW my skin doesn’t like a lot of things. I tend to stick to products designed for oily skin but litter it with a ton of sensitive moisturising items!

This week I'll be talking you through building a skincare routine. Including products, building a routine and my skincare routine.