building a skincare routine: the morning routine

Skincare routines can be really hard to get your head round at first. We're always told to use all these different lotions and potions, but how do you know which order to do them in? I can get the first few steps down (we've all had cleanse, tone & moisturise drummed into our heads), but where exactly does a the eye cream come in or do you apply the moisturiser before or after the treatments? Today I'll be sharing two basic guides to skincare care routines that I try my hardest to follow... but lets face it we all have our naughty days where we skip a step or two!

A morning skincare routine is all about prepping your skin for the day ahead, protecting it from the elements and giving it a good ol' refresh. Even though you've cleansed the night before, always cleanse in the morning. Opt for lighter products in the morning and moving onto the more heavy duty and indulgent products for your nighttime treatments. You should try to include all of these steps (apart from the optional ones) within your  daily morning skincare routine. But I will say that everyone varies and you may have too sensitive skin to exfoliate everyday (I do) and I dont personally use a serum in the morning only in the evening. It's also worth noting that the types of products used will vary on depending on your skintype, ailments or current condition. For example ones that are designed oily, dry, normal, or combination!

- Cleanse
- Tone
- Exfoliate
- Eye Cream (optional)
- Serum (optional)
- Moisturiser

This week I'll be talking you through building a skincare routine. Including products, building a routine and my skincare routine.