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I live for the weekends at the moment. Here are some snaps from this weekend. It's so british but when the weathers good everything just feels much better. I could just file this under "basically a post of everything I ate this weekend". But here are my weekend snaps!

We went to Dip and Flip in Clapham Junction for burgers and fries as I'd heard great reviews. I didn't love it unfortunately, way too sloppy, not that tasty and just a bit blah. Id read such good reviews of the place so was slightly disappointed and I wouldn't recommend it. Still on the search for a good burger south of the river. However the cheese fries were delicious. The cheese was like Mexican queso but not as fake tasting, just rich and creamy. The gravy which is supposed to be their "thing" was nice, but way too wet for my liking, definitely more of a thick gravy gal! Yeah. Not awesome.

Saturday was a shopping day, we had big plans but ended up just shopping in central. I bought way too much stuff so expect a haul in the next few days so I can justify it a bit to myself! That cake we had was as good as it looks. Creamy clotted cream filling and raspberries. Im drooling just thinking about it! Saturdays are always night out days so we popped on some glad rags and headed out. Great night and worth the fuzzy head in the morning. Yesterday I went to The Ship in Wandsworth with my friends. For some unknown reason Me and Dal decided to walk from where we live there - a bad idea and not something we'd be doing again in a hurry! The Ship was rammed and so busy, mainly due to the fact it was crazy sunny this weekend. But we enjoyed some over priced Pimms by the river. Then I came home to play guitar and have a Taylor Swift sing along. Such a great weekend really!