spring hair update
spring hair update

Percy & Reed Hairdressers
157C Great Portland St, London W1W 6QS *

Im doing a hair video shoot today and they asked to have a good look at my hair beforehand. They liked my look they just felt my hair was a bit lacklustre. I don't normally listen to what people say but Im glad they said it because it's actually something I've been feeling for a while. It's hard to get blonde hair to have that shiny depth that darker hair colours have - plus the colour was also a little autumnal. So I decided  get it switched up a bit, Just in time for spring.

Okay so my hair isn't that much of a change from what it was before from the photos but I really can see the difference in real life. I wanted a nice springtime change - I really wanted to keep my roots (even though they are bad, it's stupid damaging hair for the sake of it) and keep it the long bob length. A lot of people ask me if I regret cutting my hair short and I don't at all!

I decided to get it brightened up a little bit so it would freshen it all up a bit. As my hair is in quite bad condition from when I had that issue with the hair dressers last year my hairdresser explained to me it was probably better if we didn't high lift it. What we did was give it a super SUPER gentle bleach bath to clarify the toner out of my hair and bring it back to the blonde I liked. I had a few bits of balayage around the face and thats it! I had a couple of inches lopped off, shaped around the front and then

I got my hair done by Lacey at the Percy and Reed Salon on Great Portland Street. Who was really awesome, Im so glad they actually said "LOOK DONT GET HIGHLIGHTS" because a lot of salons would just do it on top of the damage. Im grateful they went down the alternative route rather that going right in to damage it even more. Anyway! Im super happy with it and it's exactly what I wanted. A kinda lived in, shaggy blonde rocker type thing. Very pleased! None the less, my new mission is to restore my hair back to decent quality. Time to invest in some new hair masks. Recommendations below please!