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Contrary to popular belief I don't just eat burgers! This weekend we decided to go for a slightly hungover but healthy brunch at a cafe me and Dal have had our eye on for a while - Brickwood in Clapham Common.

The coffee was incredible, I forgot to note down what it actually was but it was one of the nicest and smoothest coffee's I've drank in a while. I could have drank a few more of those flat whites but I decided to have a L&P as well. As a semi-kiwi I was very excited as it sells L&P! L&P Lemon & Paeroa is a drink thats really popular in New Zealand - It's kinda like lemonade but nothing like it at the same time. It's spring water from a town called Paeroa mixed with lemon juice. It's one of the most popular drinks in NZ but its crazy hard to find over here. I highly recommend it if you do see it! For brunch I decided to have one of the house salads which was a halloumi and roasted veggie salad with a pesto and balsamic dressing. I really enjoyed it, it was healthy and yummy and just what I needed after drinking too much (and no, we didn't go out to Infernos!) Dal had a spicy chicken and avocado toastie and she said it was one of the best toasties she's ever had. I did try and get a photo of it but she wolfed it down in about 5 seconds.

Brickwood has got a great relaxed atmosphere,  although I found the service to be a bit slow but to be honest it was incredibly busy when we went on the Sunday afternoon. So it was to be expected. A brunch for three came to £27 including four coffees and meals for each of us. I was very tempted by the cakes on offer but decided to pass.

Im also tacking this outfit on to the end of this post, I don't really like it was it was a throw on and walk out the door type affair! but it is what it is! I like all the bits individually but together it just wasnt doing it for me!