Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative

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Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative
Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative
Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative

Day two of my Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe experience and we decided to go with a Creative Side Braid. Mark Hampton created four different looks for this season all based around the four Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe trends. I decided to go with Creative as it's a side braid and I seem to always go for a side braid / faux undercut whenever I want something a little edgier than my usual look. I'd never ever shave my sides but I do like that I can fake it with some creative braiding! I just need to learn how to actually do it!

To get this look the hair was parted on an extreme side part and then sectioned off. The braiding technique was called a twist rope braiding. It’s quite advanced, and I can't really explain exactly how it was done because I know for a face that I would never be able to do it on myself! Look it up if you want to give it a go. The braided section was prepped with a bit of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Texturising Glue. This which just smoothed the hair a bit and made it a little easier to grip and defines the braid. The hair was braided back and secured at the nape of the neck. I then opted to get my hair really waved and curled out to give it a little bit of an 80’s feel. It was all finished off with a good spray of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray. Which is seriously good. My hair stayed curled all day which is very rare considering curls normally drop super quickly on me!
What do you think of this look?

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