how to shave your legs

gilette  venus & olay razors & Gilette satin care shave gel

While it might be a bit too soon to be thinking about baring legs for summer, there is nothing more satisfying nicer than uber smooth soft legs. I've been... well... lets say not tending to my leg hair as well as I should be recently. My hair grows very quickly, so during the summer I shave pretty much every other day. In the winter, not so much... Under my jeans Im pretty much a yeti. TMI. Yeah thought so!

While I've been known to dry shave (especially my underarms), Dry shaving cases a ton of irritation and in general is a no-no. I always regret it, so just don't do it ok? The key to a good shave is picking out a good razor. Oh, it pains me buying razors. I'll happily spend £10 on absolutely nothing regularly basis in Boots, but razors make me grumble. They have always been one of the beauty things I despise parting money with. My razor tip would be to buy in bulk and keep and eye out for good deals on your favourite brands. Usually they have quite good offers or deals on razors if you keep and eye on things. I personally like the Gilette Venus & Olay Moisture bars as they have 5 blades for a super close shave and a skin friendly gel built in. I also use a shaving gel or foam, I'm not brand loyal so pickup whatever's on offer or cheapest. Mens shaving lotion is normally cheaper than the branded women's versions. At the end of the day, it all does the same job!

So you once you have a good quality razor and shaving gel. Time to actually get on with the act of shaving. Step into the shower, and wait a bit so your hair can soften up a bit.  This will result in a much smoother, closer shave. I've made it so the  last thing I do in the shower before getting out is shaving. By shaving as soon as you get into the shower, you can cause goosebumps which once a razor is dragged over can cause major irritation and leave those unsightly red bumps. This one's a no brainer but always shave against the grain of the hair. For example, when doing your legs start at the ankle and move up. It's also really important not to over shave, as this can cause bumps and irritation.  Although if you have a good razor to begin with you wont need to go over too many times. Lastly, make a point of moisturising your legs after shaving as it will help heal the skin, calm any irritation and keep it nice and soft.
Do you have any shaving tips to share?