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Okay so lets face it probably ABOUT 80% of us don't get enough sleep. Resulting in tired puffy eyes, lacklustre looking skin and generally looking a bit rough around the edges. I for one am terrible when it comes to going to bed... there are just so many things to watch on Netflix! Therefore I spend most mornings trying to cheat the fresh faced and awake look. Heres my guide to faking getting those 8 hours when in reality you binge watched three series of Gossip Girl in a week.

In Eye Treatments

Possibly the scariest beauty related thing apart from curling your eyelashes. If your anything like me and hate anything being near your eyes then it's a pretty traumatic experience.  But special eye brightening drops help to counteract any redness and give that bright eyed look. I was sceptical (read: terrified) but over time I just got used to adding a few drops. I then eventually found the Boots Eye Brightening Mist which has been a life saver. A few spritz's and your eyes feel soothed and brighter, without the traumatic eye drop experience!

Under Eye treatments:

Pop on a cooling under eye mask or roll on to sooth and calm the under eye area. I did a whole post on cheating bright eyes here, but I love using Origins No Puffery. I keep mine in the fridge - so as I stumble into it to get the milk for my triple espresso latte I can grab it at the same time. A DIY trick would be to use cold tea bags. Chamomile tea - for example is great as its got a host of anti-inflammatory properties.


I should really call this category ALL THE RADIANCE BOOSTERS. Chances are if you haven’t got enough sleep them you’re going to have to faux some inner glow. Think radiance primers, under eye reflective concealers and illuminating powders. Another makeup tip would be to line the eyes with a nude eyeliner. It’s less harsh than white, but also will counteract any redness and give you that wide awake look. Going without saying

How do you cheat looking awake in the morning?